Automating processes to help scale your success.

We optimize, you grow.

A Fractional Operations Service by @JanelSGM

A trusted partner in driving operational scale and efficiency for growing early-stage SaaS startups.

Inefficient operations holding you back?

That's why we're here. To help companies work smarter, faster, and reach higher profitability.How do we do that? We systematically identify bottlenecks, architect streamlined solutions, and set your team free to focus on high-impact initiatives that move the business forward without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ask Yourself - Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Is your team spending too much time on tedious administrative work?

  • Do you have a lot of systems that don't talk to each other?

  • Are you finding it difficult to scale operations smoothly?

  • Do you have a fragmented workspace that hinders team productivity?

  • Could your people contribute more value if freed up from repetitive tasks?

If you said yes to any of these, let's talk. Let us shoulder the operational load - like refining processes, automating tasks, strengthening systems - so your talented team has capacity to focus entirely on accelerating business outcomes.

Our Customized Services

Tailored solutions for your business's unique needs, with an extra touch of strategy ✨

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Workflow Audit

Our tailored methodology pinpoints friction points and maps an optimization strategy to streamline your operations

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Workflow Automations

We design and build custom process automations that drive efficiency and free your team from repetitive tasks


Sales & Marketing Ops

Our tailored CRM and marketing automations boost pipelines and win deals, also enabling business decision-making based on data

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Knowledge Hubs

We implement knowledge hubs to capture know-how, enhance communication, and facilitate project tracking, creating ecosystems that keep your team and information connected

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Venture Capital Automation

We streamline VC workflows from deal flow through portfolio reporting, enabling VCs to focus on high-value functions like deal sourcing, due diligence, and advising

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Community Automation

We provide custom admissions & engagement tooling to build richer connections within your community

Grow Your Business, Without The Pains

  • Unlock thousands of hours of time savings

  • Drive faster, sustainable growth

  • Elevate customer satisfaction and service

  • Optimize data collection for informed decision-making

  • Future-proof processes that can scale alongside your business

  • Save your time & mind space for the strategic work and leave the operational heavy-lifting to us

How It Works

01 Discover

We'll chat to get clear on what you need automated. Then we'll dive in to map your workflows and really understand your business. This sets us up to build you custom solutions that fit your business' needs.

02 Build

After a short strategy session, we'll craft custom solutions optimized for how you work, using flexible, scalable solutions that can grow alongside your company.We'll keep you updated as we build.

03 Test

Even robust solutions can encounter glitches when going live. We'll thoroughly test every automation to guarantee smooth performance once deployed.

04 Implement

We bring automations live with documentation you can share with your team, enabling them to use our solutions confidently and effectively.

05 Optimize

Post-launch we'll keep working together to refine the automation based on data and feedback. Our goal is to ensure you keep realizing greater time savings, efficiency gains, and cost reductions.We can expand into more automations together, quickly unblocking goals without derailing budgets.

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Who's Behind This?

Traktion Labs is founded by Janel Loi.I've worked with different sized teams, from startups (On Deck, Coho) to agencies, VCs and public companies (MasterCard, Fonterra, Upfield) to scale their processes.I also have experience as a creator, and have been featured in, Mashable, Product Hunt and Indie Hackers for building digital products.By working with Traktion Labs, you work directly with me!



Why do I need this?

Great question! We find many growing companies turn to workflow automation when inefficient processes start slowing them down.Common reasons why people come to us:
• Want help to choose the right automation solutions to scale
• Launching new offerings (product, services, communities) and want tech support
• Aim to enhance operational scalability and efficiency
• Face challenges delivering excellent customer service due to process friction
If you feel like your current workflows are holding you back from growth, better customer service, or reaching your business goals, we can help.

Who is this service best for?

Companies and founders of high-growth companies who are serious about getting their visions turned into reality, without the heavy lifting.We really move the needle with partners who value innovation, collaboration, and quick iterations. If asynchronous communication and digital tools aren't your preference, we may not be the best fit.

How is this different than hiring someone?

Bringing on a full-time ops person is a lengthy process before you see business impact — recruiting timelines and high fixed costs that constrain flexibility.In contrast, our on-demand fractional services offer:
• A proven expert (me!) who can begin optimizing workflows, processes, and tooling in your business from day one
• Swift returns on your investment through hands-on workflow enhancements and strategic advising tailored to your business goals.
• The flexibility to scale services according to your evolving needs, providing cost-efficiency
• Fresh perspectives & insights from our diverse cross-industry experiences.

What makes Traktion Labs different from other solutions?

We're more than automation experts; we're your strategic business partners. With a diverse background in product, strategy, business development and growth, we bring a holistic approach to our projects to help solve real business problems, not just implement technology.

What platforms do you work with?

Some of the tools we love include:
Zapier, Airtable, Make, Typeform, Circle, Notion, Glide, Softr, Tally, Calendly, HubSpot,, Pipedrive, Thrivecart, Carrd and the usual AI tools.
Our toolset is constantly expanding as we remain committed to staying on top of emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on being tool nerds and are willing to venture into new tools if they serve your needs!

How can workflows improve my business?

Streamlining repetitive tasks enables you and your team to refocus efforts on more value-generating activities = aka your best work.The optimized workflows themselves improve productivity, reduce costs and mistakes, and increase output, saving you countless hours per year.Our clients often tell us: "I wish I had set these up sooner but I didn't know this could be done!"

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the service, refunds are not available. If you need to cancel our engagement for any reason - just let me know!

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